Why have I been sunburned using your sun screen?

There are numerous factors that determine how long we can stay in the sun before the skin starts to burn. It depends on your skin type, the UV index and where you are in the world.

Pay special attention to:

  • How the water reflects the sun's rays because that will affect your skin much faster.
  • Perhaps it’s a cloudy day so it looks like you won’t need sun screen. Make no mistake. The sun’s harmful rays are able to pass through the clouds and can cause sunburns on any unprotected areas of your skin.
  • One of the major causes of sunburn is using the wrong sun screen – and too little. Even if a sun screen is water-resistant, there is still a need to apply sun screen after going in the water. And you must remember to use sun screen with the correct sun protection factor (SPF). Check the UV index in your area to be sure.