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Derma - for people who care

There are people who don’t think about why they choose the products they choose. And then there are those of you who do. Those who read the small print on the back of packaging. Who actively avoid perfumes, parabens and other unnecessary chemicals. And who make a conscious choice to help protect the environment, the planet and the future. Derma was created for you.

Since 2006, we have been producing body care products that are free from unnecessary chemicals, only adding healthy ingredients that nurture and protect the skin and hair. Quality products that also meet the highest Nordic standards. We respect your body. We respect nature. We think about everything we choose to add to our lives or not. Just like you. We’re people who care about our health, our family and our planet.

Let's put our imprint on the world without leaving unnecessary imprint on the environment.

0% unnecessary chemicals - 100% respect for your body and our planet

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