About Derma

Derma - Denmark's pioneer in pure and certified skin care 

Derma was founded in 2006 as a Danish counterpart to the established beauty industry. An industry that promised natural beauty, skin that looked 10 years younger and a happier life, even though their products contained perfume, parabens and dyes.

Instead, we have created a concept solely focused on pure body care – free from unnecessary chemicals. Products only formulated with healthy ingredients that nurture and protect the skin and hair.

We have always been open and honest about what we believe and what we offer. All our products are produced in Denmark at DermaPharm A/S, where our dedicated staff of 100 skilled professionals are focused on consistently achieving the purest quality products. Every time.

In fact, Derma was the first in Denmark to launch a complete skin care series, where all the products carry both the official Nordic Swan Ecolabel and the Asthma-Allergy Denmark logo. Today, almost all of Derma's products are certified with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel, AllergyCertified and recommended by Asthma Allergy Nordic. In addition, our Derma Eco Baby series and Derma Eco Woman series are also organic certified by Ecocert. And we’re actually quite proud of that.

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