Derma Eco Baby

Certified organic and hypoallergenic baby care

Our children deserve the mildest, purest and most protective baby care possible. That’s why we developed Derma Eco Baby. It’s a series of responsible, child-friendly products that gently and effectively nourish your children's skin, hair and scalp – without the use of perfumes or other questionable chemicals. In fact, we use as few ingredients as possible. Each one is carefully selected according to strict requirements, to ensure the minimal risk of allergies.

Derma Eco Baby is organic certified by Ecocert*, certified with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel, AllergyCertified and recommended by Asthma Allergy Nordic.

0% unnecessary chemicals - 100% honest and loving baby care

If you’re pregnant
It’s common sense to use a pure, mild and natural skin care for yourself when you’re pregnant. Especially since your future baby will also absorb the ingredients in your skin care regime. Read about Derma Eco Woman.

*With the exception of Derma Baby Wet Wipes, which are not organic certified.