COSMOS (COSMetic Organic Standard) is a common European standard for organic cosmetics, which is currently used in more than 45 countries. Behind COSMOS are five organic labelling systems that have come together to create one common eco-label to help consumers in their search for organic cosmetics. Ecocert is responsible for managing this labelling system, which is why the label is called: Ecocert COSMOS.

Ecocert COSMOS certifies both organic cosmetics (COSMOS Organic) and natural cosmetics (COSMOS Natural). All Derma's COSMOS certified products are certified according to Ecocert COSMOS Organic, the toughest of the two. To obtain the COSMOS Organic label, 95% of the product's plant-based ingredients must be organic, and at least 20% of the product must be organic, but only 10% in rinse-off products. A COSMOS Natural product is natural, but possible organic content must not be emphasized.

In addition, the COSMOS certification has special environmental standards for packaging and production and requires that the products must be completely free of synthetic perfumes and dyes, nanoparticles and parabens.

When choosing a COSMOS certified skin care product from Derma, it is a yes to the environment and the nature we share and a no to unnecessary chemicals.

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