There are many so-called “organic” products, but not all of them are certified. At Derma, all our organic products are certified to give you, as a consumer, an impartial, fair and objective guide in your search for organic personal care products.

The Ecocert organic certification label has adorned countless Derma products since 2012 and is a good point of reference when it comes to organic care products. The certification makes strict demands on the ecological origins, naturalness and purity of ingredients, and it gives you, as a consumer, an impartial, fair and objective guide to your search for organic care products.

Ecocert was originally a French eco-label, but it is currently available on products from all over the world, from food and textiles to cosmetics.

Ecocert-labelled cosmetics are divided into two categories:

Natural cosmetics, where at least 5% of the ingredients must be organic (water does not count as an organic ingredient). And Organic cosmetics, where at least 10% of the ingredients must be organic and at least 95% of the plant-based ingredients must be organic. Derma's products belong to the second – and toughest – category.

Ecocert-labelled products are also completely free of synthetic perfumes and dyes, nanoparticles and parabens.

In 2010, Ecocert joined forces with four other organic certification systems to form one common European standard for organic cosmetics: COSMOS. The purpose is to make it easier for you, as a consumer, when choosing organic care products. Derma's products will reflect this change from Ecocert to COSMOS.

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