Is organic skin care healthier than non-organic?

The short answer is no – they actually have nothing to do with each other when we talk about skin care products. However, organic is good for the environment and that’s why more Derma products are also certified by Ecocert/COSMOS as organic.

Food items are different and it can be difficult as a consumer to make the distinction. More and more people consider foods that do not contain residues from pesticides (organic) as probably healthier than the opposite. But skin care products are not necessarily healthier for you because the content is organically grown, although the environment has undoubtedly benefited.

Healthy skin involves avoiding substances that are suspected of being carcinogenic (ensured by the EU Cosmetics Regulation), endocrine disruptors (ensured by the Swan label and AllergyCertified) and other substances that can cause irritation or allergies (ensured by Asthma Allergy Nordic and AllergyCertified).

The combination of these three labels on the packaging is so strong that you, as a consumer, can be sure that all the ingredients have been reviewed and assessed in order to protect your health.