An unique combination of labels

To develop a series that includes several recognised labels in one skin care line is actually quite a feat and rather unique. Each brand imposes very specific, stringent requirements, which could easily end up working against each other. For example, organic ingredients are often not hypoallergenic because many allergenic substances come from nature. However, Derma products that are certified as organic are, indeed, organic.

The five different labels in one skin care range – the Nordic Swan Ecolabel, Asthma Allergy Nordic, AllergyCertified, the Ecocert/COSMOS organic certification and the Vegan label – together they are your guarantee that the ingredients are certified as hypoallergenic, environmentally friendly, organic and vegan friendly.

The unique combination of these five labels reflect a perspective that encompasses the past, present and future. Ecocert’s focus arguably incorporates the past – tracing the origins of the ingredients and the packaging. Asthma Allergy Nordic and AllergyCertified declare ingredients based on today's knowledge of allergy-friendly skin care. Products carrying these two allergy labels are preventing the development of contact allergy in the future. Whereas the Nordic Swan Ecolabel takes into account the environment of tomorrow and what happens during and after the product is used. The Vegan certification puts a high priority on sustainability, animal welfare and the environment – for the sake of the future.