What is the difference between your sun care products for children and adults?

There is no major difference between our sun care products for children vs. adults.

Derma sun care products are amongst the mildest and most gentle on the market - all featuring the Asthma Allergy Nordic label, the AllergyCertified label and the Nordic Swan Ecolabel. Therefore, children can easily use the Derma adult sun screens and vice versa.

Derma sun care products for children are specially developed for sensitive skin and contain as few ingredients as possible to minimise the risk of allergies, amongst other reasons.

The sun screen protection in our children's products come from chemical UV filters, whereas our Derma Eco Baby Sun Screen contains a physical UV filter.

For our Derma sun care products for adults, we’ve added moisturising ingredients like Glycerine, which help maintain the skin’s elasticity and natural moisture
balance. For our adult line, the sun screen protection comes from chemical UV filters.