Good advice for spending time in the sun


  • If your shadow is shorter than you, it’s time to find some shade. The most effective protection against the sun's rays is to stay in the shade.
  • Young children too young to crawl or walk yet should never be exposed to direct sunlight and should stay in the shade. 
  • Remember that even in the shade, you can be exposed to UV radiation from the sky or UV reflections from the water, sand, concrete and grass.


  • Use a hat with a wide brim that covers the head and ears, providing shade for the face and neck.
  • Wear loose clothing with tightly woven fabric to protect the body. It’s more comfortable and cool when it's sunny and hot.
  • Choose sunglasses that protect against UV radiation and any potential damage to the eyes.


  • Use waterproof sun screen that protects against both UVA and UVB rays with a minimum sun protection factor (SPF) of 15. Apply on the parts of the body that are not covered by clothing and a hat. Remember your neck, nose, ears, face and feet.
  • Apply ample amounts. The rule of thumb is: One body, one handful. If you apply a layer of sun screen that’s too thin, it will reduce your protection considerably!
  • Apply before going out and apply again if you have been in the water, perspired or used a towel to dry your skin.
  • Be aware that sun screen may stain and rub off on clothing and other items. Remember to allow the sun screen to permeate the skin and dry completely before putting on clothes. Be sure to wash your hands thoroughly after application.
  • Choose an unscented sun screen that carries the Nordic Swan Ecolabel and is allergy certified.

Source: Cancer Society and TrygFonden Sun Campaign

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