Can sun screen cause allergies?

Unfortunately, it has been found that some of the ingredients in sun screen may be the cause of allergies. Together with Asthma Allergy Nordic, AllergyCertified and the Nordic Swan Ecolabel, Derma has chosen to use sun filter where the risk of developing allergies is minimal.

If you develop a skin reaction, it is most likely one of these two types of allergies:

Contact allergy occurs where the sun screen has been applied, whether or not the area has been exposed to sunlight or not.

Photocontact allergy occurs where the sun screen has been applied and also exposed to sunlight. If you get an allergic reaction to sun screen, you should stop using it and go see a doctor. A dermatologist can find out which ingredient in the sun screen you cannot tolerate, so you can know which products and ingredients to avoid in the future.

The chemical sun screens most frequently reported as a cause of allergies are:

Octocrylene, Benzophenone-3, Benzophenone-10 and Ethylhexyl Methoxycinnamate. These sun screens are therefore not contained in any Derma sun screens.