Which SPF do I need?

Regardless of which sun protection factor (SPF) you use, if it’s too low, you run the risk of being sunburnt. But it could also be unnecessarily high.

The SPF indicates how much the sun screen blocks the sun's harmful rays. For example:

SPF 15 blocks 93%
SPF 25 blocks 96%
SPF 50 blocks 98%

Many people tend to choose a high SPF as “a safe” precaution. But increasing the SPF number will only give you just a little more protection.

The higher the SPF number, the greater the level of UV filters. There is no need to expose the skin to more chemicals than necessary. By choosing the right SPF and applying it to your skin according to the instructions, you get a solution that is both healthy and effective.

Follow the sun protection recommendations from the Cancer Society in your country to be sure that you use the right SPF.