How do I wash clothes stained by sun screen?

Our best advice regarding stains is to buy a concentrated detergent specially formulated for coloured clothes, pour some detergent directly on the stain and put the clothes in a plastic bag to soak overnight. Then wash the clothes at the highest temperature they can tolerate. Repeat the process up to three times, if necessary.

NOTE: It is important to avoid using any detergents with optical brighteners, bleach or chlorine. Chlorine makes stains worse and can make stains impossible to remove. Worst case scenario, chlorine can make stains turn red.

Alternatively, many of our customers have had success with sending their garments to a professional cleaner.

Remember to:

  • Wait until the sun screen is well absorbed into your skin before putting clothes on
  • Wash your hands thoroughly after use to prevent stains on textiles and other items.