What role does alcohol play in skin care products?

Alcohol is used in cosmetics either because it works to clean or to adjust the liquidity of a product.
Normally, moisturising ingredients, for example glycerine, are added together with the alcohol to prevent drying of the skin.

At Derma, we use alcohol in:

  • Derma Eco Woman Skin Toner
  • Derma Sun Spray SPF 20 and SPF 30 (not in our Sun Oil line)
  • Derma Hand Sanitiser Gel

The Derma Skin Toner contains alcohol to enable the pores of the skin to close again. For example, after using a cleansing gel. It also has a disinfectant effect, so it cleans the skin and helps keep any small damage to the skin clean. We have added a rich moisturiser to our skin tonic so the skin retains its balance.

In our Derma Sun Spray, alcohol contributes to getting the right viscosity, a prerequisite for it to be applied as a spray. The degree of viscosity indicates how thick and cohesive a liquid is. For example, honey has a high viscosity, whereas the viscosity of water is low.